Delivery Case: 2 piece of MINGKE MT1650 Steel Belts for Baoyuan Wood Co. Have Been Put into Production Smoothly


Recently, Mingke delivered 2 pieces of steel belts (a new steel belt and a repaired used steel belt) for 9 feet wood based panel production lines to Baoyuan Wood Co., a customer in the wood-based-panel industry, which were installed on Dieffenbacher brand continuous press. After 4 days of installation and commissioning, the after-sales team has completed the operation and commissioning of the steel belt and has officially put them into production.

The production line mainly produces Medium Density Board (MDF). Seeing from the production video on site, the flatness and finish of the MDF are excellent.


Every recognition from customers is an encouragement to us. We, members of Mingke Steel Belt, will not forget our original intention, make every steel belt with ingenuity, and continue to empower customers from all walks of life.

Post time: Mar-22-2022
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