CT1100 Hardened & Tempered Carbon Steel Belt

  • Model:
  • Steel Type:
    Carbon Steel
  • Tensile Strength:
    1100 Mpa
  • Fatigue Strength:
    ±460 Mpa
  • Hardness:
    350 HV5


CT1100 is a hardened or hardened & tempered carbon steel. It can be further processed to perforated belt. Which has hard & smooth surface and a black oxide layer, which makes it suitable for any application with a low risk for corrosion. Very good thermal properties make it ideal for baking and for heating and drying of liquids, pastes and fine-grained products.


● Very good static strength

● Very good fatigue strength

● Very good thermal properties

● Excellent wear resistance

● Good repairability


● Food
● Wood based panel
● Conveyor
● Others

Scope of supply

● Length – customize available

● Width – 200 ~ 3100 mm

● Thickness – 1.2 / 1.4 / 1.5 mm

Tips: Max. width of a single belt is 1500mm, customized sizes via cutting or longitudinal welding are available.


CT1100 carbon steel belt has very good thermal properties and wear resistance, and can be used in low-corrosive scenarios. For example, the single opening press used in the wood based panel industry. It consists of a circulating steel belt and a longer single opening press. The steel belt is mainly used to transport the mat and stepwise through the press for molding. Based on CT1100 good thermal properties, it is also commonly used in tunnel bakery oven in the food industry, so that the baked bread or snacks are heated evenly, and the quality of the finished product is better. It can also be used on general conveyor equipment. For more details, you can download the Mingke Brochure.

Since we established, Mingke has empowered wood based panel industry, chemical industry, food industry, the rubber industry, and film casting etc. Apart from steel belt, Mingke can also supply steel belt equipment, such as Isobaric Double Belt Press, chemical flaker / pastillator, Conveyor, and different steel belt tracking system for different scenarios.


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