▷ Mingke donates anti-epidemic materials to foreign customers

Since January 2020, the new coronavirus epidemic has erupted in China. By the end of March 2020, the domestic epidemic has basically been brought under control, and the Chinese people have experienced nightmare months.

During the period, there was a shortage of anti-epidemic materials in China. Friendly governments and people around the world extended a helping hand to us and delivered protective equipment and materials such as masks and protective clothing that we badly needed at that time through various channels. At present, the epidemic situation of the new coronavirus is still spreading in some countries or outbreaking in some countries, and the materials and equipment for anti-epidemic are in short supply. China relies on a strong manufacturing capacity, and the production of various anti-epidemic materials and equipment has basically met domestic demand. The Chinese nation is a nation that knows how to be grateful, and the kind and simple Chinese people understand the principle of “vote me for peach, reward for li” and use this as a traditional virtue. The Chinese government has taken the lead in donating or double-returning anti-epidemic materials to help other countries fight the epidemic. Numerous Chinese enterprises, organizations and individuals have also joined the queue for donations abroad.

After two weeks of preparation, Mingke Company successfully purchased a batch of masks and gloves, and recently made targeted donations to customers in more than ten countries through international air express delivery. The courtesy is light and affectionate, and we hope that a small piece of our care can reach the customer as quickly as possible.

The prevention and control of the epidemic cannot be achieved without your joint participation!

The virus has no nationality, and the epidemic has no race.

Let’s stand together to overcome the virus epidemic!

Post time: Apr-07-2020
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