Energy saving and emission reduction, Mingke Steel Belt closely follows the trend of Green development

In early December, the Factory of Mingke Steel belt completed the rooftop distributed photovoltaic power generation project, which has been officially put into use. The installation of photovoltaic power generation is conducive to further improving the efficiency of energy conservation and emission reduction in the factory, and creating a green and innovative factory. Actively respond to the national “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for Industrial Green Development”, improve the level of green manufacturing and the utilization rate of resources.


As people pay more attention to environmental issues, “low carbon, environmental protection, green, and energy saving” have become new requirements for resource use, and photovoltaic power generation, as a new renewable green energy source, uses clean, renewable natural energy solar energy Power generation, without emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants, is in harmony with the ecological environment, is in line with the strategy of sustainable economic and social development, and has begun to gradually replace some conventional non-renewable energy sources.


The Nanjing City has ample sunshine. The full use of solar power can achieve energy saving and emission reduction, low carbon and environmental protection, and can also alleviate the tight power supply and demand during peak periods, which is of far-reaching significance for the sustainable development of the local economy.

Post time: Dec-20-2021
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