Bakery China 2021 was successfully held in Shanghai

April 27th to 30th, Mingke steel belt appeared at the Bakery China 2021. Thanks for all the customers to come and visit us. We are loo forward to seeing you again on this year October 14 to 16.


Mingke Carbon Steel Belts are widely applied to food industry, like tunnel bakery oven.

There are three types of ovens:

1. steel belt type oven

2. mesh belt type oven

3. and plate type oven.

Compared with other types of ovens, steel belt type ovens has more obvious advantages, like: no leakage of material and much easier to clean, steel belt conveyor bears much higher temperature which is available for manufacturing higher end products. For bakery oven, Mingke can provide standard solid steel belt and perforated steel belt.

Applications of the steel belt oven:

Biscuits, Cookies, Swiss roll, Potato chips, Egg pies, Sweeties, Expanding rice cakes, Sandwich cakes, Small steamed buns, Shredded pork puff, (Steamed) bread, Etc.


Post time: 12-May-2021